Visiting the Best Diving Spot with Nusa Penida Dive Centre

Nusa Penida dive centre offers an unforgettable diving experience. You’ll find not only the best spots for a memorable diving experience but also professional instructors and complete-updated diving equipment.

Discover the best Diving Spot with Nusa Penida Dive Centre

If you’re looking for under-the-sea adventure there are at least 3 great diving spots in Nusa Penida you can go to. This island, clean and natural, offers a diverse experience not just for the pro divers but also the new beginners. Here are three of them:

  • Manta Point

Swimming with the manta fish is a rare experience and here, at Manta Point, you can get one. Nusa Penida dive centre offers you a safe and comfortable dive with manta fish.

Here you’ll find Blue Spots Manta, the main attraction of this place with an extraordinary underwater view. Aside from the mantas, you’ll also find Moray Eels and corals, both soft and hard ones.

The dive depth here is between 7 to 20 meters. The beginners must always dive accompanied by a professional instructor at all times for security reasons. Never forget to take pictures to remember this unforgettable moment forever.

  • Blue Corner

Blue Corner is an example of the fame of Nusa Penida. Here you’ll find sloping reef with a pretty terrace. You’ll find Mola-mola fish (ocean sunfish). For those who love underwater view, you must write this spot down in your places-to-go list.

  • Crystal Bay

This is one of the best spot for diving, swimming and snorkelling. Fish and colourful reefs will warmly welcome you as you go in.

With Nusa Penida dive centre Crystal Bay will be a recommended place for anyone who wants to dive and explore Nusa Penida underwater life.

The specialty of this place is a cave situated about 10 meters under the sea. It’s a challenging route even for pro divers. Even so, the sea current itself is safe enough for diving. Some unique fish you’ll find here are sunfish, nurse shark and many more.

Other recommended diving spots in Nusa Penida

Aside from the 3 great spots mentioned above, Nusa Penida has one more underwater paradise to offer. It’s the SD Point. At Nusa Penida dive center, SD Point is a must to visit. The good news is that Mambo Dive Center is located in front of SD Point

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So, with all the great diving spots recommendations above, it’s time for you to decide which one you will go. Contact and consult Nusa Penida Dive centre, Mambo Dive Resort to find which spot is the best and safest for you to go.