The Unique Experience in Nusa Penida Diving that Draws Tourists from all around the World

Nusa Penida Diving is one of many favourites tourism destination for many people. Diving isn’t the only fun activity you can do here, exploring the island can be an exciting activity to do in Nusa Penida. That’s why, even if you’re not an experienced diver you can still write down Nusa Penida in your holiday destination list.

Nusa Penida Unique Diving Features

Nusa Penida has plenty of natural beauties to offer. The teeming underwater life, white sand beach and sturdy rocks are some solid point of interests you can find here. Here’s a list of unique features the island can offer:

  • Encounters with Mola Mola fish

This is one giant fish of the ocean and you can find them here, in Nusa Penida, Bali. For you diving lovers, you won’t only find colourful reefs under the sea, a feast for your eyes to see, but you’ll also have a chance of encountering the giant Mola Mola fish.

  • Learn how to dive

For beginners, you can learn how to dive here. You’ll find our services that offer safe diving lessons with professional instructors that can train anyone who wants to learn.

  • A crystal beach called Crystal Bay

Nusa Penida offers not only exotic sea but also a gorgeous beach. At Crystal Bay you’ll find sea water as clear as crystal. It’s the best place for snorkelling to enjoy the beautiful teeming underwater life due to its shallow water.

Aside from coral reefs, you’ll find small atolls as you explore Crystal Bay. Diving will be fun to try here.

  • A hidden paradise – Pantai Atuh

Nusa Penida is full of stunning natural beauty; one of them is Pantai Atuh (Atuh Beach), a definitely-must-go site that tourists all around the world will go.

Here you’ll find rock cliff and sparkling sea water equals to the famous Raja Ampat site. Let’s go to try diving here.

You can enjoy all the other uniqueness and great destinations when you come to visit Nusa Penida Diving. And if you use the professional diving service from you’ll have a more unforgettable experience here, because once you step here, to this island, you just have to explore all the best adventures here, at Nusa Penida island.