Are You on Vacation in Nusa Penida? These 5 Tips Will Help You to Find The Best Nusa Penida Restaurant

Nusa Penida is the most favorite exotic island in Bali. Nusa Penida Island offers a lot of comfort, so it’s no wonder that many local and foreign tourists vacation there. For you who want to spend a vacation in Nusa Penida, of course you have to look for accommodation to find food there.

Well, but what if it is difficult to find the best places to eat in Nusa Penida? Here we provide some tips so you can find Nusa Penida Restaurant.

Look for The Best Restaurant Recommendations using The App

You can search for restaurant recommendations in Nusa Penida using Instagram. Look for it through the hashtag feature on Instagram. And voila! There are many recommendations for your favorite restaurant that you will find there.

You can also find restaurants on the island using Yelp. The application is also a favorite application to find the best destinations around us. There, you will find reviews about restaurants in Nusa Penida. If you want to find a restaurant that is new and famous, you can use the “Hot & New” feature.

You Can Also Find The Best Restaurants in Nusa Penida using People’s Recommendations

If you have friends or family who have been on vacation to Nusa Penida Bali, you can ask about the best restaurants there. You can search recommendations from people on Facebook or Instagram. As additional information, resorts and cafes are said to have a good reputation when they have more than 100 reviews with 4-5 stars.

Stalking The Foodie Instagram Account? That’s The Right Way to Get Recommendations

Yes, with the increasing number of social media users, you can easily find people who have foodie accounts. Usually, they are easier to find on Instagram and TikTok. So, open the two social media and look for food blogger accounts there.

You can also follow and often see posts from your friends who are culinary lovers. Usually, they often provide reviews of places to eat in each area. However, look for culinary lovers’ accounts in Nusa Penida so it is easier for you to find reviews about Nusa Penida Restaurant.

Here’s The Easy Way: Google It!

Actually, finding a place to eat in Nusa Penida is very easy. If all the methods above are still quite difficult for you, you only need to do a search on Google. As a top search engine, Google can easily provide recommendations for the best and famous places.

First, type “Nusa Penida Restaurant” and many favorite restaurants, cafes, or food stalls will appear in Nusa Penida. Then, click on the restaurant that appeals to you. There, you can see the restaurant’s profile, ranging from ratings, reviews, menus, photos, locations, and phone numbers. Very easy, right?

Beside of The Methods Above, You Can Also Ask for The Best Restaurant from The Tour Guide or Staff at Your Hotel

If you use the services of a tour guide, you can ask your tour guide where the best café is in Nusa Penida. In addition, you can also ask the staff at the place where you are staying. They will be happy to give you recommendations on the best places to eat there.

However, if you want to save time and effort in finding a place to eat, then you can use the services of Mambodiveresort. Yes, that resort never stops providing the best and most complete service in Nusa Penida for visitors. Not only being the best Nusa Penida Hotel, that resort also has a café with delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere. Are you interested in trying it?

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