Mambo Beach Cafe: The Best Cafe in Nusa Penida

Mambo Beach Cafe is one of the recommended cafes in Nusa Penida. It is a favorite cafe with some delicious menus and magnificent views. You can spend your free time in this cozy cafe. Many tourists prefer coming to this cafe to others. There will be some reasons for having this cafe on your list. What are they?

  1. Parking Area

Before you select a cafe, you can check a parking area first. The availability of a parking area must be considered to make you park your vehicles in a comfortable and safe place. In addition, make sure that it must be clean. By seeing the clean parking area, it implies that this cafe focuses more on the cleanliness of the restaurant so that it prepares hygienic foods to keep the cleanliness. Mambo Beach Cafe has a large parking area making you to park your vehicles freely.

  1. Friendly Services

A cafe is not only a culinary service. It is a service to the visitors. Thus, you need to consider the services. Make sure the cafe staff give polite and friendly services. They can stay smiling though they face talkative customers. The services make the customers eat food comfortably. Otherwise, customers cannot feel enjoyment if the servants’ expressions are less polite. It will make you lazy when you must face unfriendly servants. When you eat in Mambo Cafe, you will agree that all staff and servants are friendly. They treat customers well so that you get satisfied.

  1. Hygienic Foods

A good cafe is serving hygienic foods. It will be your priority because it keeps your health. You do not only see the type of food and the cooking ways to serve it. You must select good food for your body. Mambo cafe is the best recommendation when you are at Nusa Penida. It serves various hygienic foods. It also has a good standard in cooking so that it serves healthy foods successfully. It also offers complete food menus making the customers various options.

  1. Crowded

Selecting a crowded cafe is also crucial because it proves the cafe has good quality. It will have high cleanliness, taste, and price. If the food menus are not delicious and expensive, of course, hundreds of visitors come to the cafe. However, it is applicable if you can hold on to your hunger. Mambo Cafe is a popular cafe in Nusa Penida with hundreds of visitors. You can become a reference when you come to Nusa Penida. You can book this cafe first to get seats.

  1. Good View

Nusa Penida is close to the seashore and beach area. You can enjoy the sea scenery and view around Mambo Cafe. When you eat in this cafe, you will feel enjoyable because you see a beach view. The restaurant was established in a green environment. If you eat here, you will make your eating desire increase. It will appear satisfying when you spend your budget eating food in the cafe. Mambo Beach Cafe has a seashore view and swimming pool making you feel comfortable during eating. Of course, it becomes a mood booster while spending your time in Mambo Cafe.

You can see reviews and testimonies of Mambo Cafe if you still hesitate. Almost all reviews have five stars making you sure to eat in this cafe. In addition, you can become a reference before going to the restaurant. However, you consider that the reviews come from original guests or influencers. The reviews are different which it is better to consider guests’ reviews before you go to Mambo Beach Cafe.

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