7 TYPICAL Dishes You Can Find in Nusa Penida Places to Eat

Nusa Penida Island, located in Klungkung Regency, Bali, has an area of 202.8 km with beautiful and amazing views. Not only a stunning panorama, the typical food of Nusa Penida is also very delicious and worth trying.

So, what are the culinary delights you can find in Nusa Penida places to eat? Check out the list below!

Bubur Ledok

As the name suggests, this snack is made from grits with a different filling than usual. Bubur Ledok is made from a mixture of corn, vegetables and cassava leaves. While the sauce is made from a variety of delicious spices with a distinctive aroma.

It tastes good and the price is pocket friendly. Suitable for breakfast during a picnic in Nusa Penida before starting the activity. Is this dish easily found in Nusa Penida places to eat? To find this dish is not difficult. You can find them along the way, especially in the morning.

Tipat Cantok

The next typical dish is tipat cantok. At first glance, this tipat cantok is similar to gado-gado, which contains rice cake, long beans, basil, tofu, sprouts, and other vegetables then drizzled with delicious peanut sauce.

The filling for tipat cantok is less varied than that of gado-gado. It is suitable as a stomach booster when you are not overly hungry because the price is also reasonable.


Next, the typical culinary of Nusa Penida that must be tasted is jukut-jukut. This food is a soup with a mixture of red beans, corn, Moringa leaves, and cassava leaves.

The taste of this jukut-jukut is unique with a distinctive aroma. Jukut-jukut can be an alternative to healthy, cheap, and filling food while in Nusa Penida.

Fish Satay Lilit

Usually in Bali you will find satay lilit made of chicken, beef, and pork, while in Nusa Penida, you will find satay lilit fish here.

To make this fish satay, mashed fish meat is mixed with spices and attached to lemongrass stalks and then burned. As a complement, you can add sambal matah for a more solid taste. This fish satay is easy to find in a number of Nusa Penida places to eat.

Jukut Komak

The next typical food is jukut komak. This is a dish of vegetables in a soup with the main ingredients of Komak beans or jack bean. The taste is unique with the addition of the genep seasoning which is a typical Balinese spice.

Usually Jukut Komak is sold in many Nusa Penida places to eat.

Ikan Pepes Be Awan

It is one of the popular culinary specialties in Nusa Penida. Pepes Be Awan fish is made from steamed sea fish and then seasoned with a number of special spices.

Then the fish that has been seasoned is wrapped in banana leaves and then baked. The smell of spices and the savory fish combine into an appetizing dish. Especially when served with warm rice.

Where to eat this dish? Like other typical foods, this food is also easy to find in a number of Nusa Penida places to eat.


Cacah or in English means chopped is a typical food of Nusa Penida as a substitute for rice. This dish is made from grated cassava and sweet potato then steamed until cooked.

Unfortunately, this typical Nusa Penida snack is rarely found because it is a traditional Balinese food. However, in a number of Nusa Penida places to eat are still selling the food. The taste of this cacah food will make you addicted because of its uniqueness and delicacy.

So, those were some of the culinary delights you should try in Nusa Penida. Maybe some do not suit your taste, but it would be better if you also try it as part of your tour agenda while in Bali

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