Nusa Penida Dive


Nusa Penida is an Indonesian island situated off the southeastern coast of Bali, along with neighboring Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Due to its extensive sea life, the island is part of the Marine Protected Area and the so-called Coral Triangle, the world’s richest and diverse marine life, with more than 6000 species of fish and 76% of known species of coral.

Nusa Penida has many breathtaking views, both on the surface and underwater, it  is the world-known diving destination for both scuba and snorkeling. Surrounded by many famous diving spots such as Manta Bay, Manta Point and Crystal Bay, here you will find beautiful soft corals and sponges, schooling fish, big Turtles, starfish, Manta Rays and the Eccentric Sunfish.

The three islands are also well known due to their strong currents, so it is extremely important that you always dive accompanied by a diving Instructor and divemaster who is experience and knowledgeable of the area. Here, in Mambo Dive Resort, our certified professionals are highly trained to identify and analyze the characteristics of the environment and recognize the specialties of each dive site.

Your safety is our highest priority.

Taking all these points into consideration, and following our safety rules, Nusa Penida guarantees unique and unforgettable diving experiences.