Nusa Penida snorkel for an unforgettable experience in Bali

Nusa Penida snorkel will complete your vacation experience in Bali. Here you’ll find beautiful nature that has become a magnet for tourists all over the world. You can explore this underwater beauty by snorkeling.

Nusa Penida Snorkel – Exploring the Beauty of Nature

Nusa Penida is a part of the beauty of Bali with many things you can enjoy. Cliffs, mountains and the oceans are wonderful sight for all the visitors. There are many activities you can find here and snorkeling is one of them.

Snorkeling will be a great option because Nusa Penida has an underwater paradise with many coral reefs and colourful fish. If you have never come here this is the best time to give it a try. Here’s a list of beauties which will be a great reason to come:

  • Clean and intact water
  • A variety of healthy coral species
  • A variety of underwater creatures including mola mola and manta ray
  • Dive centres are available to help all tourists
  • Comfortable resorts with a great facilities to offer
  • Many snorkeling tours in the best spots of Nusa Penida

Those are some of the beauties of Nusa Penida. You should know that snorkeling in Nusa Penida is one of the best in the world.

The Best Snorkeling Spot in Nusa Penida

If you’d like to get a fun experience in Nusa Penida then don’t miss all the best spots for snorkeling. The first step to do this is to have Mambo Dive Resort to guide your trip in Nusa Penida. You’ll get professional crews and trainings for those who have never tried snorkeling before. Then you can go to these great spots for snorkeling in Nusa Penida:

  • Manta Point

By snorkeling in Nusa Penida you can see and play with Manta fish or the Big Mantas. The span of Manta’s wings can reach to 4 meters wide. Snorkelling with Manta Rays will be an unforgettable memory that stays forever in your heart.

  • SD Point

As you go here you’ll have a white sandy beach with a stunning natural view greets you. However the underwater life is equally gorgeous. People call this place SD (Sekolah Dasar) Point because there are elementary school/Sekolah Dasar in front of this beach (Sekolah Dasar is elementary school in Indonesian Language). Mambo Dive Resort is located in front of SD point and always ready to serve you.

  • Toyapakeh

Toyapakeh is one of the port where tourists landed on Nusa Penida. Here you will find a snorkeling spot you’ll enjoy with Toyapakeh Wall. Living up to its name, Toyapakeh Wall has an underwater wall (or a fence) beautifully decorated with a variety of ocean creatures. It is also serves as an arrival point for other tourists coming from different islands.


What do you know about Dive Centre?

Dive Centre is the base location where divers usually learn scuba diving or make guided dive trips at new location. Nusa penida dive centre is one of them. Divers will also find many beautiful spots to explore here.

Benefits of Nusa Penida Centre

Nusa Penida is the perfect place to dive. The complete and well prepared equipment will guarantee your diving security and comfort.

Not to worry, not just the pro divers but beginner divers can also learn how to dive here since there will be many dive centres available at Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is well known all over the world as a place where divers will go to dive. That’s why people come to Nusa Penida to learn how to dive.

There are also beautiful islands close to Nusa Penida that you can visit: Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan.

Introducing : Mambo Dive Resort

Mambo Dive Resort is located in one of the best dive spot in the world. Our team, completely in love with diving, is qualified and ready to serve you the best we can. We are a well experienced and accountable team. Our divers, who know very well all diving spots in the island, are ready to give you an unforgettable diving experience.

Here we are ready to serve you in English, Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch to create an effective and clear communication so you will have a better diving experience.

Well-structured and warm, our dive centre offers a remarkable diving experience. We work with clients in small groups to make sure all needs are well covered.

Our dive centre is working alongside the Ocean Protection Area because we care about the ocean and are committed to protect and preserve the ocean life. All our diving students learn to enjoy the diving exploration with a minimum impact to the ocean life.

We are very excited about what we’re doing and honestly, we can’t wait to have you here with us.

Transportation to Nusa Penida and Mambo Dive Centre

To go to Nusa Penida and Mambo Dive Centre you can go by two different ways, by sea or by land. Here’s the complete information to make your trip to Nusa Penida dive centre easier:

  • By sea

By sea you can reach this exotic island by a rented fast boat from Bali. You can find it in all ports such as Serangan, Sanur and also Padang Bai.

The price is relatively cheap with a daily departure schedule. This method is not only used by tourists but also locals to go to Nusa Penida.

  • By land

This type of transportation is also used by the locals and the tourists. You can rent and ride motorbikes or cars easily. The rent service is available at all the ports.

The road access to Mambo Dive Centre is good and smooth (asphalt road) because it’s the main road to reach the island from Bali. It’s made easy for the tourists to come and visit Nusa Penida.

Mambo Dive Centre offers the easy ways to enjoy all benefits in diving in Nusa Penida. Visit and let us guide your trip at Nusa Penida

Choosing dive resort Nusa Penida is one of the preparations that you must make before your holiday to make it to be an unforgettable experience

Diving and enjoying all the beauty in Nusa Penida will take you more than a day t to spend here. That is why, dive resort nusa penida is one thing you need to put in your preparation list before you go diving.

Dive resort Nusa Penida is the best for you

Diving is an enchanting beauty of Bali, especially Nusa Penida that you must never forget to visit. Choosing a resort here becomes an important thing to ensure your great holiday experience.

One of the best recommendations is Mambo Dive Resort. This is where you can enjoy many experiences such as learning how to dive by getting diving lessons and staying at a comfortable resort exactly by the beach. This will be a place where the local and international tourists choose to stay when they visit Bali.

A Perfect Trip with dive resort Nusa Penida

You must agree that to get the best diving experience at Nusa Penida choosing a resort isn’t the only important thing you must do. The dive instructors and available equipment is equally important. Having all these taken care of well will make your diving experience perfect.

Consider these things to have a remarkable trip here at Nusa Penida :

  • Decide your dive spot before you leave

You can visit Mambo Dive Resort and choose the best spots to enjoy stunning underwater view in Nusa Penida sea.

  • Learn to dive in the right way and get your diving certificate (If you don’t have a certificate)

Once you decide on your diving spot then hurry on to get your diving certificate. Choose a place where you’ll get your diving lessons. Mambo Dive Resort is one of them. Make sure you’ll get the best instructor from the best dive center.

  • Prepare the best time to dive in Bali.

Choosing the best time to dive in Bali is an important preparation you need to make.

What are you waiting for? Come to Mambo Dive Resort when you visit Nusa Penida. We’ll be waiting for you!

Tips For Safe Diving with nusa penida dive center

Dive center nusa penida offers a variety of facilities. As we all know, diving is a sport that requires safety considerations, that’s why it is very important to find the best dive center when you go diving, especially for beginner divers.

At the diving center you will get various trainings and directions but you could use some diving tips as well. Here are some useful tips to make sure you have a safe, comfortable diving trip :

How to dive safely with dive center nusa penida?

If you would like to learn how to dive then you can choose Mambo Dive Resort to help you. It is one of some professional dive resort you’ll find at Nusa Penida. And to make your diving experience unforgettable, here are some guidelines you should follow:

  • Get a diving certificate

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a diving certificate. You must have one if you would like to explore some stunning and challenging diving spots in Nusa Penida. You can get your certificate by joining training at dive center nusa penida.

  • Choose a dive spot based on your diving ability

For the professional divers Nusa Penida can be a diving adventure to find some challenges. However beginner divers need to find a safer place to dive and must be under a supervision and guidance of a dive master.

  • Do intro scuba dive

Intro Scuba Dive is for those who have never tried diving before. It’s a condition where the maximum limit of depth for diving is only 6 meters.

  • Learn well where you will go.

Every underwater condition has its own challenges to tackle. It’s important that you learn well the underwater condition where you will go. You need to know well the underwater creatures and currents you might find so you can dive safely.

  • Know the risk.

Diving has a lot of risks. The most common one will be breathing through your mouth. To practice this skill you could try snorkeling before diving.

  • Pay attention well to instructions from dive master/instructor.

A diving instructor will teach you all about dive equipment, how to dive properly including how to breath underwater. You must ask anything you are not sure of or don’t understand. This will decrease the possible risks you’ll find underwater.

  • Using the complete set of diving equipment

The standard diving equipment is dive tank, BCD, regulator, wetsuit, boots or socks, mask and fins. You must wear all of these even if you are a beginner diver.

Watch carefully on how the instructor put these on; don’t hesitate to ask anything because all the dive crew will be more than happy to help to keep you safe while you’re under the sea.

  • Know your body dysfunctions

The underwater condition is very different than land. It is normal for your body to experience dysfunction while diving, one of them is hypothermia. When you feel it starts happening then quickly ask the crew to take you back to the land.

Those are the tips for safe diving in Nusa Penida. Many people want to see the underwater beauty of Nusa Penida sea but security is still the most important thing everyone needs to consider. That’s where dive center nusa penida will help you, especially for beginner divers

Snorkeling Tips at Nusa Penida Manta Point

An archipelago, Indonesia will always be famous for it’s ocean’s underwater beauty. With so many dive spots, local and international tourists spent many hours here to meet the beautiful fish and play with them among the beautiful corals.

There are some diving spots in Indonesia where Manta Rays gather and one of them is Nusa Penida manta point.

But if you are not a licensed diver then you can try snorkeling or try scuba, an alternative ocean activity equally interesting. Here are some tips for snorkeling in Nusa Penida manta point.

  1. Check on your snorkeling equipment

The same thing with diving, snorkeling mask (goggles) and fin must be checked carefully before use. Make sure your life jacket is your size and you can wear it comfortably because otherwise it will limit your movements on the water. You need to check if your life jacket is working properly to keep you floating on the water.

Put some soap on your goggle and wipe it clean before you use it. It will keep the goggle from being foggy when you dive. Keep your hair away from your goggle when you put it on, it will keep the water from entering your goggle. Make sure you have an unhindered view when you see Manta’s ‘flying’ in the water.

  1. Always be ready to shoot a photo with Manta

Something you must bring underwater is an underwater camera/action cam. It will be sad to miss any moment with these exotic underwater animals. You can also take selfie with them underwater. Always turn your camera on to keep these unexpected moments.

  1. Find the most comfortable swim suit – comfy is number one, appearance is number two.

A special swim suit is required to do underwater activities. Wearing the wrong one will make us tired easily because of the unnecessary weight from the clothes you wear underwater.

4. Don’t underestimate a life jacket.

Even if you consider yourself a swimming champion never underestimate the importance of a life jacket. Why? Because you’ll get tired eventually. Nusa Penida Manta Point has a strong underwater current. We need to be extra careful while enjoying the beautiful view there.

5. Watch the undersea current!

The strong undersea current can be dangerous, we need to be extra careful so we won’t get tired for fighting this current.

6. Watch the distance between you and your friends.

Always pay attention where your friends are when you snorkel. Playing with fish, taking photos can easily take our attention off our friends and suddenly we realize we have swam far away from our group.

7. Don’t swim very close the Mantas.

May not swim too close the Mantas because it will make them afraid and leave. We must not touch the Mantas.

Those are a couple of useful tips and tricks to have an enjoyable safe snorkeling. Dangerous sea currents and sea animals or any unexpected situation can easily put you in danger. That’s why it is very important to pay attention and follow your instructor’s instructions. can accompany and guide you to Manta Point and enjoy all its underwater beauty. Get an affordable price for those who want to learn how to dive only in Mambo Dive Resort